Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creative Craft: Ballerina Bow Holder

I found this wire dress form a few years ago at our local Home Goods store and immediately loved it.  I originally used it to display some of the bows and clips that I was selling at a local craft fair.  I had quite a few people offer to buy it from me, but I knew that I really wanted it for my daughter's bedroom.  After all with a mom that makes bows, a girl is bound to collect a few! 

I also think that this would make an adorable centerpiece for a party.  I've seen dress forms like this in all different sizes and colors at craft stores and discount stores alike, so if you are interested in making one - keep your eyes open!  A group of miniature dress forms outfitted with a cute tutu would look so cute down the center of a table at a birthday party or girly shower! 

Here's how to make it:

1.  Once you've determined how long you'd like your tutu to be, cut your tulle ribbon double that length. (I'm using pink tulle in the picture because I ran out of the silver a long time ago.)

2.  Fold the ribbon in half and make a little loop (see picture to left)

3.  Next thread the loop back from left to right through the wire. 

4.  Take the two tulle "tails" and thread them through the loop.  (You are essentially making a slip knot.)

5.  Pull the "tails" to tighten the knot and the above steps until you achieve the desired look. 

If you would like to use this as a bow holder, it is much easier to clip the bows to ribbon as opposed to the tulle.  I simply tied satin ribbon on every third wire.


jenni said...

genius idea, I love it. Now I need to be on the lookout for a wire dress form!

Anonymous said...

I love these for my daughters birthday...i will check local stores..but do you know who makes these?
I really like them alot maby i can google them if i have the make..thank again

Amber said...

your ideas are all so great. The are a good inspiration for my scrapbooking and craft.
I also now have a daughter in my life and looking forward to the day I can make these things for her.

Nadia said...

Fantastic idea!! So beautiful-- my daughter would LOVE this!!!!!!!