Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Craft: Framed Art

Just a quick, easy and SUPER CHEAP idea for framed artwork.  I needed something for my daughter's nursery that was cheerful and youthful without being really expensive.  It seemed silly to spend a fortune on something that she may or may not want in her room as she gets older.  While browsing in a local antique mall, I came across a couple of pages from an old children's book on sale for $1.  They were the perfect size - the whole page is approximately 11x14 and the image is 8x10, plus I love the vintage feel of the illustrations.

I couldn't find a mat that matched the colors in my daughter's room, so I bought a plain mat and painted it to match to give it a more custom feel.  I then added white polka dots (the back of a paintbrush works great!) and attached the page using acid free tape.  I found some wooden frames at Michael's on sale (even better) and that is it.  The whole project for 2 pictures came out to around $12.  I did have the paint on hand, but it's just the Folk Art acrylic paint that you can find at most craft stores for under $2.

So if you are brave enough to just rip pages out of a new book (I can't do it), go for it!  Or the next time you are at an antique mall or even a garage sale - take a peek at the books because you might find a treasure that would appreciate a new home.

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Candy Hill Creations said...

I love this idea! i've been buying bargain picture books for years for this purpose. I frame them, make cards with them, and all sorts of other things...