Friday, May 7, 2010

Creative Craft: Altered Notebook

This may seem like an odd Mother's Day gift, but stay with will all make sense soon.  My mom lives in another state and she and my dad are in the process of buying a new house.  I love decorating, spending hours in a fabric store and flipping through magazines looking for inspiration...well I come by this naturally.  My mom also loves all of these things.  I also love organizing things (see HERE), and my mom has been wishing that I was there to help her choose things and to help her organize, and while I can't get away for a visit right now - I can provide her with a vessel in which to organize all the odds and ends that go along with buying and furnishing a home.

You may also think that some of my paper choices are odd, but if you've ever lived in an older home, you have probably experienced the joys of other people's wallpaper choices.

Keep in mind that you could use this idea to organize a number of different things from a pretty notebook for school to a place to keep track of recipes!

Hope you enjoy it, Mom!  Love you!

Materials Used:

I'm not going to list a lot of specifics - depending on what size notebook and dividers you use, your dimensions, etc... will be different.  

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