Monday, May 3, 2010

National Scrapbook Day 2010

This past Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and My Pink Stamper hosted a bunch of really fun challenges.  Since this is the first year that I've done any scrapbooking, I decided it would be lots of fun to participate.  I can report that it was LOTS of fun!  My craft room is not quite as neat as it was in the "tour" that I gave last week, so I will probably spend a bit of time today picking it up.  Not all of my projects turned out exactly like I wanted, but I figured I should show the good with the "bad."  Don't you hate it when an idea in your head doesn't quite translate to reality the way you hoped? 

If you have time, check out some of the entries on Robyn's site and do a little blog hopping.  There are lots of really great ideas!

If you would like to see detailed information on any of my projects, check out the links below:

please note they are in the same order as they appear in the slideshow

NSD Challenge #1 "Mother Dear, I Love You So"
NSD Challenge #2: "Getting Scrappy"
NSD Challenge #3: "Thinking Outside the Box"
NSD Challenge #4: "I Like You Least"
NSD Challenge #5: "Hey Dad!"
NSD Challenge #6: "Love My Color"
NSD Challenge #7: "Take Shape"
NSD Challenge #8: "Critter-licious"

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scrappy critters said...

I LOVE this page Lauren! The tulle is the cutest ever!!