Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creative Card & A Quick Note

Here is a super fast (seriously, I mean it - super fast) Father's Day card.  This one is for my dad - I looked and looked through my cartridges and couldn't find a cut that I really liked, so I decided to do something nice and simple.  As a bonus - I used up a few scraps from my overflowing scrap drawer.  If you watched my craft room tour, you saw it a few months ago...let me just say, "Not good, Lauren,  Not good."  It is much much worse...not better.  I am now thinking about separating my little scraps into plain cardstock and patterned cardstock in the hopes of not wasting paper.  
Materials Used:
  •  4 1/4 x 4 1/4 Easel Card - DCWV Flower Shower Cardstock
  • "Happy Father's Day" cut at 4" on real dial size from Wild Card
  • Lots of scraps from my scrap drawer - woohoo!!!
  • Cuttlebug & Swiss Dot A2 Embossing Folder
  • Tsukineko Pigment Ink - Cosmic Copper

"Quick-ish" note:  

I have gotten the question, "How do you have time to craft?" a few times, and I thought I would address it in one post.  First, you need a little backstory about me (I know...I hate sharing stuff about me on the blog - but this is important).  

In my previous job (heck, sometimes it feels like my previous life) I had lots and lots of deadlines.  I thrive on deadlines.  With that being said, once I decided to leave my job and stay home with my daughter, Nicole (I never mention her name on the blog, but I guess that's kind of silly), I was a bit lost.  I really like structure and routines and all of the sudden my life was ruled by this teeny 4 lb. baby who did not respect the schedule.  She did eventually get on a pretty decent schedule and once she started sleeping more (and I in turn, started sleeping more) I looked for ways to fill up my time.  I set out to make a new schedule for myself and give myself deadlines.  I had a laundry schedule and a housework schedule and an errand schedule.  You know what was missing from this schedule?  Any time set aside for me.  I felt like since I was lucky enough to be staying home with my daughter that I should be working ALL the time.  If I wasn't taking care of or playing with Nicole, I should be taking care of the house.  Let me just tell you, that's a lot of pressure to put on yourself.  Trying to be a perfect mom, wife, housekeeper,'s too much!  Things came to a head last fall when I had a bit of a health scare.  There were lots of unknowns for months.  That's actually about the time that I bought my Cricut.  I needed something that was just for me and paper-crafting seemed like a lot of fun.  

I have been blessed with a very very busy little girl that goes and goes and then SLEEPS!  I have given myself permission to use her nap time (not every nap time, but a few) to craft.  You know what I "should" be doing right now...ironing.  But I don't feel like it today and I finally figured out that the sky isn't going to fall down if I my schedule isn't followed perfectly.  I think it makes me a better mom to take some time out for myself.  Nicole probably won't remember that our house isn't always spotless, but she hopefully she will remember spending time with me.  I also realize that time is fleeting and I won't always have a little one that sleeps for a few hours every afternoon and I may not even be at home forever, so I might as well try to enjoy this.

This is my feeling - if you are a mom or human (or hopefully, both if you're a mom) - it is easy to feel guilty about setting aside time for yourself.  I honestly think it makes me a better mom and a happier person in general to do something that makes me happy.  So...go forth and CRAFT!  Or do something that makes you happy.


ArchivingAngel said...

Hello Lauren~love the card.
By the way please head over to my blog to pick up award I have for you.
Thanks for your support.
Pass it on to ten other sweet bloggers just like you.

Val said...

Love your card, and I totally agree with you!! My kids nap time is my play time- the house work can wait a bit, I totally feel energized when I get some creativity for myself:)