Monday, July 12, 2010

Creative News: Part 1

Lots to share, so I thought I would split it up over a couple of posts.  First - I would like to extend a big thank-you to Melanie from Scrappy Mel and Scrappy Moms Clear Stamps for awarding me the "Cherry on Top Award".  Not only does she create beautiful cards and scrapbook layouts, but she is also one of the two talented ladies behind Scrappy Moms Clear Stamps!  I am so thrilled to be a part of their design team!

Here are the "rules" for this award:
  1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.
  2. Copy this award and put it on your blog.
  3. List three things that you love about yourself.
  4. Post a picture that you love.
  5. Pass this award onto five other bloggers.

Here are mine:

Here is one of my favorite pictures - she makes me laugh and touches my heart EVERY day!

  1. I love that I am a mom and most of all that I am lucky enough to be here for every moment - even the not so fun moments!
  2. I love that I am a crafty!
  3. I love that I keep my craft space obsessively organized, but somehow that doesn't translate to all areas of my life.
p.s.  It is very hard to come up with things that you "love" about yourself, right?  It seems kinda vain. ;)

I am passing this award on to these talented ladies:

  1. Abby from Scrapbookaholic by Abby
  2. Raven from Love 4 Stamps
  3. Dorcas from 4 Crafty Angels
  4. Theresa from Binky Blossoms
  5. Val from crafty go lucky
Have a great morning...more later!


Scrappy Mel said...

OMGosh - that picture is so precious!! :)

I totally agree - it is hard to come up with things you love about yourself w/o sounding vain! ;)

Cristi said...

Congrats on the award, you so deserve it. Your blog is wonderful and you are so creative. I just love seing what you come up with next!
Love this picture of you and your daughter so precious!!

Mari AKA Momo said...

That picture is absolutely ADORABLE! It's amaxing how you can see such a strong bond in a photograph! XOXO Momo