Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creative Scrapbooking: Birthday Party

Because I've shared every layout that I've ever done with you and because all of you are so super sweet, I'm sharing this one too.  I started out with the best intentions for this layout, but it just didn't turn out that way I had envisioned.  I don't really like it that much...I can't tell you exactly why - maybe it's the colors...maybe it needed more cuts...maybe I'm just in a rotten mood, but I don't really like it that much.  Grrr...this is the second project this week that has just not turned out quite like I had imagined it in my head - boo!

This layout is for my daughter's 1st birthday party.  The theme for Nicole's 1st birthday was pink - think Shelby from Steel Magnolias - "blush and bashful."  I found a bunch of pictures that I had printed of her party, so I figured I should go ahead and get them scrapped.  My plan is to have layouts for the decorations (done), random party pictures, her first piece of cake (I can't just pick one cake eating picture, so I am thinking about a double layout) and a layout of pictures that we took once most of the guests had left.  That's a total of 4 layouts for one party...does that seem excessive? 

No...there's nothing wrong with your screen - I just got rid of our address and phone number. 
Materials Used:
  • (2) 12 x 12 bases
  • (2) 4 x 12 chocolate brown polka dot paper - Echo Park 
  • (2) 2 x 12 striped paper - Echo Park
  • (2) 2 x 12 polka dot paper - Echo Park
  • Photo Mats
    • (3) 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 & 4 1/4 x 4 1/4
    • (2) 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 & 4 1/4 x 6 1/4
    • (1) 6 3/4 x 8 3/4 & 7 x 9 (for the invitation)
  • "Birthday Party" cut at 3.5" from Once Upon a Princess
    • attached with pop dots
    • Stickles - Frosted Lace - applied to crown
  • "Tag" cut at 4.5" from Sweet Treats
  • "Polka Dot Party Hat" cut at 2.75" from Sweet Treats
    • attached with pop-dots
    • Stickles - Frosted Lace - applied to pom-pom & scallop
  • "Heart Party Hat" cut at 2.75" from Sweet Treats
    • attached with pop-dots
    • Stickles - Frosted Lace - applied to pom-pom
  • All "Presents" cut at 2.5" from Sweet Treats
    • attached with pop-dots
    • Stickles - Frosted Lace - applied to yellow cardstock
  • 3/8" grosgrain ribbon 
  • (LOTS) skittles - applied with Martha Stewart Glitter Glue 

Thanks for stopping by!  Does anyone have any extra crafty mojo that they could spare?  If so, send it my way!

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Peace Love and Scrappyness said...

I think it looks great! And, I can tell you that there is no such thing as excessive when it comes to scrapbooking. My kids pour through their pictures and discuss pics that I didn't even think were important. I am glad that you are including people pics because you never know how long our loved ones will be with us. It also makes kids feel loved!


My Scrap Diary said...

No not at all, 4 pages is not excessive. It seems about right or maybe not enough. I hope you shake off that feeling of funk that you are feeling soon. I always enjoy looking at your work.
Btw, your lo looks good. The dp picks up the colors from the pictures.

PeggyLovesVintage said...

Well, I think your los are great! And there's never too many in my opinion! Scrapbooks are precious and are treasured for a long long time. So the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

liz said...

Lauren, your LO is so cute! We are our own worst critics! I have finally learned that not all my pages need to be works of art. That was the most liberating thing I did! btw, I love the colors, so unexpected using the brown!
liz :o)

Cristina said...

I agree the more the merrier for the layouts becaues it's preserving your memories as far as i'm concered!

This layout is fun, I think the reason you aren't feeling it is because it's so dark with the brown, and most of the colors brought out of the pics are on the dark side as well, and from your other scrapbooking and cards I can tell you like bright colors that pop on the page. but this is very very good layout



Scrappy Mel said...

I think your layout is adorable! There is NOTHING wrong about having 4 pages! I tend to be a multi-picture scrapbooker too. I have VERY few pages with only 1 or 2 pictures on them. Most of my pages have 3-5 (single pages not double page spreads).

I use Photoshop to lay out my pages and then crop/resize my photos to match. I don't know if your pics are digital or not but because I do this I can often get 2 pictures on a 4X6 photo. I just cut away the white areas and, voila, I have 2 photos croped perfectly and for the price on one large photo that I'm going to wind up croping alot out of anyways.

I hope this makes sense, but if you have any questions just let me know and I can tell you how I do it. :)

Big {{{ HUGS }}}!

Lezlye said...

I like this, but I know what you mean.. I have those days too!