Monday, October 25, 2010

Tutu How To

I finished Nicole's Minnie Mouse costume over the weekend and since the majority of voters said that they wanted to see a tutu video how-to - I went ahead and filmed it for you!  It turned out super cute and she loves it, which is the best part!  If you need a last minute Halloween costume, this may be the way to go for you!  You could use a tutu for a fairy, a ladybug, a butterfly or a bumble bee - just add wings!  You could make a floor length tutu for a princess costume - just add a crown and you're done!

This was her tutu from last year...she was a flower fairy.

Materials Used:
  • 1" Non-Roll Elastic 
  • Tulle (If you can find it - buy it on the spools.  It will make your life a lot easier!)
  • 1 1/2" Double Face Satin Ribbon

Do you need a fairy wand to go with your tutu?  Check out THIS post for a really easy how-to!
Do you need a tulle hair accessory?  Check out THIS post to see how to make one!

Hope you enjoyed this video how-to!  Check back tomorrow to see how I made matching Minnie ears!


Minta's Creations said...

OMG that is so adorable! You are so creative. I don't know if I could even sew something like that. Wow! You did great.

DORCAS said...

Lauren you have got the cutest projects. My girls will love this. I will need to give this a try. Maybe this will be my weekend project. Thanks for taking your time and showing us how.

Love your creativity!


Mari AKA Momo said...

Abolutely adorable my friend!!! She is sooooo cute in her little tutu!!! Cant wait to see a picture from this year!!! :o) Your awesome! But I have already said that about a million times! XOXO Momo

Indira said...

That´s super cute. I love the idea. I have a 3 years old girl, that will love it. Thanks for share, you did a wonderful costume. Thanks for share.

Vanessa said...

i love it my daughters gonna be minnie for her 2nd birthday thanks for the idea

Amanda Villarreal said...

I have to try this! I need one for my daughters 6 month pictures

thanks for sharing!

liz said...

adorable! I'll have to remember this for when I'm a grandma...hopefully later than sooner!
liz :o)

Lezlye said...

Great idea! Adorable, wish my little girl was still little..SHe is wearing a tutu but, I din't make it!

teachU14 said...

I lOVE it!!! I'm going to give it a try next week :) Wooo Hooo I'm excited!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Janie said...

Oh Lauren I am so loving your site ! You have so many different things that I am into not just paper crafts ! Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas !!
BTW I didnt realize these tutus were so easy to make !!

Anonymous said...

great idea. I need for my little baby minnie.thank's a lot

squaw said...

Very cute.I would love to make one of these for my granddaughter.But the one I really want to make is the floor length one.Do you have a video on how to make the floor length one.Or can you send me instructions on how to make one. Thank You!!!

3girlsand1boy said...

wow...i just stumbled across your blog and now I am hooked! :) I would love to make a tutu for my 8,6,and 3 year old. This would be my first time making non related paper crafts! I would appreciate any tips or instructions...I would like to make their tutus long. what should the length of tulle be for tying? thanks...I am a bit lost! ;) Love your site!!!

Unknown said...

I love this! I bought all the supplies last night but I wanted to do two colors. Do you have suggestions/tips on how to do two colors? Do I alternate the colors side by side? Or do I layer one color and then the other on top? Thank you!


Lauren B. said...

Lori - I have done it both ways. It looks really cute both ways. If you alternate side by side, it gives you kind of a stripe-y look. I've also done it almost like a checkerboard - blue with pink on top, then pink with blue on top. I hope that makes sense. Have fun!
Let me know if you have any other questions!

LT said...

I have found the perfect tutu design for my daughters Minnie mouse themed 1st birthday. Not to mention and easier way to make tutus mainly because I wanted her to wear them almost everyday!! Yay super excited!!

*katie said...

Great video tutorial, thank you!! I'm making a minnie mouse tutu as well, I hope it looks as good as yours!! :)