Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Season's Greetings" and BAD shopping

I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving weekend.  I thought I would get a ton of crafting done, but I actually didn't get ANY crafting done over the weekend.  Today's layout is super simple, but I am in love with the Santa silhouette from the Christmas cartridge.  I may even use it again in a double layout that I need to work on next.  I thought I had the other picture I wanted to go in the 4 x 4 space, but I must not have printed it.  Just imagine another picture of Nicole looking cute by the Christmas tree.   

Please do not think less of me when I tell you what happened when I decided to go to Walmart and have a MAJOR blonde moment.  My only defense is that it was REALLY early in the morning and I was in over my head.

As of bedtime on Thursday, I had talked myself out of going to Walmart for the Cricut deals.  I look at Walmart on Black Friday as a place for only the most serious Black Friday shoppers...I am NOT one of those people.  I don't like shopping at Walmart on a regular day, let alone with a lot of crazed shoppers looking to score cheap toys and electronics.  It's intimidating to me.  I made a game time decision at 3 in the morning to go to Walmart and check out the Cricut sale that was starting at 4 am.  Except that the Cricut sale started at MIDNIGHT.  Once I got to Walmart, I was completely confused by all of the people camping out in the aisles (waiting for sales???).  I was also a little disconcerted by the number of children running around Walmart at 4 am.  After walking around aimlessly for awhile trying to find the Cricut stuff - which was in the children's clothing section, (???)  I found the practically empty Cricut display.  I found the last Twinkle Toes and decided to go ahead and get Hoot n' Holler (plus another secret cartridge for my niece) because $20 is such a great deal.  Except...ONLY the new Cricut Lites were priced at $20 - the other cartridges were FULL PRICE.  The truly sad part about that is I didn't even realize I paid full price until 9 am, (after I had already linked them to my Gypsy and redeemed my reward points) when I looked at my receipt.  This is why I shouldn't make purchases at 4 am or on Black Friday because I did it ALL wrong.  Never again...I should have gone back to sleep.  

Materials Used:
  • 12 x 12 kraft cardstock
  • 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 patterned paper (K and Company - Secret Santa)
  • 8 x 10 red cardstock
  • Photo Mats: 
    • 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 & 4 1/4 x 4 1/4
    • 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 & 4 1/2 x 6 1/4
  • "Season's Greetings" (image and shadow) sized at 3.5" from Winter Woodland
  • "Santa and his Sleigh" (image and shadow) sized at 5" from Christmas
  • 7/8" Red Gingham Ribbon - Michael's (ties bows so easily)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll Pen - White


Savahanna said...

This is such a cute Lo and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

Glora said...

This LO is adorable! I love it! I don't think too clearly that early in the morning either. It could seriously happen to any of us. I didn't dare go in store to Walmart. I stayed up and did my shopping at Walmart.com. I had to wait a couple of days to have the cartridges in my hands, but it worked out perfectly, it ended up being too busy of a weekend to get anything crafty done anyway.

silly_girl_823 said...

Oh no, I am sorry to hear about the little incident!! But on the other hand I absolutely love your layout!!!

Amy V

Craftyhomemade said...

Super cute layout. I really like it. You´re not the only one, for me I can´t wake up so early, take some more time to sleep and wake up with a clear mind.


Lawyers Scrap Too! said...

Lauren don't feel bad, I did the exact same thing at Wal-Mart. I waltzed up to the counter with several lite cartridges in hand, none of which were the new ones, and my Wal-Mart ad just to make sure I got my "discount." Only to be told by the manager that no, I was wrong and the discount applied only to the new ones ("that's why you can see the names of the items in the ad miss.") Awesome.

Also, love the layout.

~Army Wife Molly~ said...

Aww Lauren, sorry to hear about the mishap. But look on the bright side! You have super cute carts! lol

As for the layout...CA-UUUUTE!!!!!

Tammy E. said...

Beautiful -- oh so beautiful.

Amanda Villarreal said...

I just love your layouts! Dont feel bad about your experience my hubby went for me and said there was a fist fight over a mop! See, it couldve been worse lol.

Where did you get 12x12 kraft cardstock?

joeygirl86 said...

Oh my gosh!! This layout is beautiful!! I love it! That Santa image is my fav on that cart..so sorry to hear about your black Friday shopping..mine went kinda the same way..I regret going, I should have just ordered online like the smart people! lol..at least we know better for next year!!

HappyPlaceJen said...

OMG, I read your story and it was SO SIMILAR to my Black Friday experience at Walmart- and I can;t even use the blonde excuse!! I too, thought the Cricut cartridge sale started at the doorbuster time, AND I thought the Nintendo DS that was on sale was the one my daughter wanted, the DSi, but NO! It was the previous model that was on sale. Also, they have wristbands that they give out for the electronics - DID NOT KNOW THAT!! I did walk out with a few of the new Cricut Lite carts, but I did not get Jolly Holidays, which I'm really bummed about. That one is my fave of the release. Ugh. Live and learn. I ended up doing better shopping online at home afterwards!!

Love your Christmas layout! Your style is just beautiful. :) ~Jen

...a/k/a DJScrappiness... said...

Bless your heart! We were out of town on T-giving, so I had to go to a 'strange' Walmart. On the way there, I called my friend who was at my "home" WM, who (at 11:00) already had her lime green Expression and carts of choice in her shopping cart. All she had to do was wait until 12:01 to check out! The store I was at had everything in plastic wrap and women were already staked out at the pallet. I called my friend back and she grabbed another E for me so I was able to leave without having to face the mob. Unfortunately, I didn't care for the 'lime' green once I saw it 'in person', so I ended up getting the plum colored one - so it was all for naught anyway!!! Oh, well. At least you'll have something to remember this Christmas by!!! The lo is adorable - as usual! :o]

Scrappy Mel said...

First, the layout is soooo adorable! Even my husband saw it and said - "Pretty!" (he's always kind of ho-hum about crafting so take this as a huge complement!).

I got lots of stuff at Walmart but didn't walk away with the "shoppers' high" that I did last year when I got my Expression but the skin of my teeth. LOL

liz said...

cute cute layout! my walmart experience was alittle better. I went at 7am thinking that all the hoopla would be over...wrong...the city wouldn't let them stay open all night and the earliest they could open was 6am...I was right in the thick of it all! but I was still able to get my lites and get out with my life and withing 35min...not too bad!
liz :o)

bonnie said...

Oh bless you :) you can probably smile at it now! Layout is stunning along with such an adorable pic x

Raechel said...

Love the layout! My walmart experience was a little better...I got my very first expression (purple!) And 2 new carts..I did also think that cricut lite carts on sale meant ALL lite carts...WRONG ohhh well :( Tho after standing in line for an hour to pay listening to some of the crazy LOUD shoppers swear and just being RUDE I think online shopping sounds like a winner! I did go OUT of my way to be kind to those around me, giving up my shopping cart, allowing people standing in line to merge instead of going o the back of the line...we had ALL been waiting together and there was line confusion and JUST using manners please thank you! I heard people commenting that I was nice and I thought how sad...this should be the rule not the exception! I am happy to say that kindness became contagious to those around me and my hour of waiting ended up much better than it started!
I hope you are all off to a great start to your holiday season! Thanks for sharing your Wal-Mart Story!

Sentimental Scrapper said...

Love your layout!!!! This is sooooooo cute! May have to scraplift. :-)

Loved your funny Walmart story! Black Friday never works out well for me either! LOL!!!

jenscraftcorner said...

I love your page! It looks really nice. I also love the Santa on the Christmas cartridge. I have been playing with that cartridge all week. I didn't go Walmart shopping either. I agree, that is only for serious shoppers.

I love your crafts. They are beautiful!

Angelica said...

Oh no!! Sorry you had to pay full price without knowing that stinks!!! I absolutely LOVE your layout! I think simple is GOOD and not intimidating at all. You still made "simple" look gorgeous and I love it! ~ Angelica :)

Kim. said...

Oh dear that is just the sort of thing that would happen to me lol.
Love the really really cute layout though, that is gorgeous as is your daughter.
Kim xXx