Friday, December 17, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...continued

"Must Have" Cricut Cartridges 

Hahahaha!  If you have had your Cricut for awhile, then you know all of the cartridges are "must-haves."  If you haven't had your Cricut for very long, then you may not yet be experiencing this kind of bizarre cartridge mania that strikes once a month when new cartridges are released.   I read a comment somewhere from a fellow Cricut-crafter and her husband likened her Cricut addiction to crack...only Cricut cartridges were more expensive.

Cartridges are probably one the most expensive items that you use, so it's important to do some research before purchasing.  You wouldn't want to end up with cartridges that just sit on your shelf and never get used (cough...cough...not that I would know anything about that...Destinations, Pooh and Friends, Toy Story, French Manor, Walk in My Garden).  I normally check out the digital booklets that are on the Cricut website.  You can also view them on your Gypsy (if you have one), but I still like looking through a booklet.  If you don't have a huge cartridge collection, I think it's important to get the most bang for your buck.  A lot of the newer cartridges have lots of extra features such as: fonts, borders, tags, and 3D images.  My final tip is to NEVER pay full price for cartridges.  You really shouldn't...this is coming from someone that has in the past because I didn't know any better.  There are some great online sources - you just have to do a little research.  If you don't feel comfortable buying online, make sure to watch out for sales at your local craft stores!  Some of you may even be lucky enough to have a local store that will allow you to use coupons.  

My "Must-Have" Cartridges
Keep in mind that I do a lot of "cute-sy" kinds of projects, so if that's not your taste - you probably won't like my picks.  

1.  Once Upon a Princess 
Very girly, but it also has great word art, tags and a font.

2.  Create a Critter 
I still use this cartridge over and over.

3.  Sweet Treats
This was one of my first cartridges and I still love it!  It has great birthday images, beautiful tags and I love the flowers on this cart.

4.  Winter Frolic 
Great for holidays (but lots of images will work year round) and it's packed with fun word art, borders and tags.

5.  Any Font cartridge 
Just pick one you love, but I wouldn't pick out a cursive font - unless you have Design Studio or the Gypsy to weld the letters together.

 6. B is for Boy and/or Sugar and Spice 
If you are going to be working on any baby/toddler themed projects these are two of the cutest baby-themed cartridges out there.  They coordinate really well together and have lots of animals and shapes that could be used for "non-baby" related stuff too!

What are your "must have" cartridges?  Is your wish list a mile long or short and sweet?

Homemade Christmas Blog Hop
I am participating in Cristina's blog hop tomorrow, which means I will be posting an actual project - woohoo!  Some of my very favorite bloggers are participating, so expect some beautiful projects and maybe even some blog candy!

Happy Friday!


Angela said...

I agree with you about picking the right cartridge because I can't buy them all. I never pay full price either. I try to pay $30 or less unless I know I will use it all the time. Some of my favorite carts are. Jolly Holidays, Create A Critter, Tags,Bags, Boxes & More, Lyrical Letter, Winter Frolic....Ok so those are the ones that I use the most right now. Right now I am excited because I know my husband is getting me the new your story from HSN! Yes crafting is addicting. But at least I have sold ALOT of cards in the past 3 months. God is really blessing my business.

Simple Creations

Christine said...

Thank you! I am getting a cricut for Christmas and this is very helpful.

Maria Elena said...

Thank you girl for all about this !!!

Have a great Friday ;-)

Handmade By Mary said...

I have an uber long cricut cartridge wish list (especially the new ones from Hello Thurday. I am loving' "pack your bags" for my vavca pics. I've been purchasing my cartridges from at awesome prices! The Robots cartridge is one that I dont use too often since there are so many small cuts! Thanks for sharing Lauren!

My Scrap Diary said...

Hehehe, yeah Toy Story was a must have for me as well. I love the movie, I love everything that is Toy Story but the idea of all those tiny cuts deter me. Im hoping to play with it soon tho. I must! Atleast I should before I go out and buy the new Disney cart - Classics:) (Currently on the top of my list).
Ps. I agree with your carts. Those are must haves.
Jess M :)

HappyMom2010 said...

Woo Hooo!!! I have them all!!! not that I have used them, but well, I know I will some day... ;o)

Thanks for your post... hope your little one is better...

Gina Lindsey

4kids4 said...

Great list...I love, love, love both Paper Doll cartridges for all the extras...and A Child's Year for the same reason.


Anonymous said...

Mine' s a little similar. But I'll add so many more, and then lie to myself and say I need so many more. lol!

joeygirl86 said...

Your must have list is just like mine! I think we have similar taste! ;) I have so many carts that 'I had to have' but still haven't used! eekk! they're so cute though!