Monday, May 23, 2011

New Winners!

Alright...I never heard back from two of the winners from my 1000+ Follower Giveaway, so I redrew new names this morning!

Congratulations to 
Melissa said...

Congrats, your one of my favorites, I have been following for a great while now, I don't regret it not one bit!!!

Thanks so much for your great giveaways!

Joann said...
Congratulations!! I absolutely adore your blog. You are truly talented! Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous stuff!!
You both left email addresses, (thank you!) so I will email you shortly.  I will get all the card sets in the mail ASAP!


Jessica said...

Congrats Winners!!!!
How sweet that they both say you're their favorite...Awww....they deserved to win!

Theresa said...


Melissa said...

Thanks so much Lauren, I am sooo excited, I will be sending my email address right now!!