Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kids Crafts - Summer Art Projects

Who has already heard "I'm bored," from your children?  Well...luckily my daughter is too young to really know what "bored" is, but truthfully - I have felt like that the last couple of weeks.  It's already REALLY hot here, so the idea of running around outside is less than appealing.  In fact - if our time outside doesn't include some sort of shade or water - I'm not interested.  (I'm kind of a baby that way.)  

I decided last week to organize all of my kid friendly craft items and come up with some summer crafts for us to do.  I am really lucky because we have LOTS of built-ins through-out our house.  I cleared out a cabinet in our dining room (it's right off the kitchen and close to where we craft) to store the majority of our kid-friendly supplies.  If you don't have the space to dedicate a whole cabinet to craft supplies, a plastic container would work just as well.  The main thing for me was to have everything in one spot.  I was tired of looking around for things that I needed.

Here's a close-up of the top cabinet and a run-down of supplies (left to right).  I tend to pick up supplies here and there when I see things that are on sale.  I LOVE Target's $1 section for seasonal craft items and the regular craft stores put lots of fun things on sale and clearance.  
  • Magazine Holder: Felt, Tissue Paper and Paper Bags 
  • Coffee Filters, Glitter (down in front)
  • Jar: Wood Popsicle Sticks and Wooden Clothespins
  • Jar: Pipe Cleaners and Straws
  • Zip-loc Containers: Foam Stickers (arranged by season), beading "kit," silk flowers, ribbon & mini-clothespins
  • Adhesive Gems
  • Flower Magnet Kit 
This section is pretty self explanatory - LOTS of coloring books, paper, cheap cardstock, stickers and colors.  I keep all of Nicole's crayons in an old wipe box.  It makes it a lot easier for her to help me clean them up and that way I don't try and arrange them in rainbow order in their original boxes.

This is our "arts and craft" area.  We have an enclosed porch in the back our house, and this is where we do most of our "crafting."  The plastic table cleans up easily and I don't mind if she makes a mess.  I created the little ladybug art clips by hot gluing precut and painted ladybugs (Michael's) to clothespins.  I then attached them to some twine and hung them on the wall using Command Hooks.  Our fridge gets pretty full, so this is another fun way to display some of her masterpieces.

I organize some of Nicole's "everyday" craft supplies in this little caddy that I found in Target's $1 section.  (I think it was actually $2.50.)  I have a plastic plate to use for finger paints, crayons, markers, watercolors and brushes. that I'm organized.  We can start crafting!  I have been compiling a list of crafts to try, and so far it has been a successful craft-filled week around here.  In fact - it has been so successful that I am scrambling to find MORE things for us to do.  

I will post a run-down of the week's crafts every Friday this summer...starting tomorrow afternoon!  I will try and let you know what went well...what was a hit and what totally bombed.  I'm trying to think of things that are EASY, CHEAP and FUN!  

Do you have some favorite summertime crafts?  


Dawn said...

Z has taken to decorating coffee filters, and giving them to me. We turn them into flowers by holding the center and basically pulling them into a cone type shape, once she decorates a bunch of them, you can either glue the bottoms all together (hot glue) or staple and then wrap with green tape (floral tape) or pipe cleaners and make pretty bouquets! Zoe actually starting the basics of that herself, and then asked me for help to make them into flowers; they make great and cute quick gifts from the kids!! :-)

Also, I'm sort of a nazi when it comes to making sure my cards look nice if we are giving them to people (fathers day... etc). she loves to 'help' so over on my blog I showed a few cards where Zoe (and my other 'pretend' daughter who is 3 also) created a photos for the front of them, we matted them and then turned them into cards.


Drew and Kristin said...

I love this idea! I keep telling my husband that I need to move the kid's craft supplies up in the kitchen as opposed to the basement. We're not down there much and it's not a place for my kids to craft since it's carpeted. I think if the supplies were closer maybe we'd use them more. I'll have to look at reorganizing my kitchen pantry to find room for them. Can't wait to see you crafts you do!

Thanks for the inspiration!

~ Kristin