Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Art - Wk 3...when it falls apart.

So...the crafts were kind of lame this week.  We started off strong on Monday with homemade sidewalk paint, but the rest of our crafting attempts were major FAILS.  I had planned to do a series of patriotic themed crafts...but that kind of fell through.
Sidewalk Paint
This was really fun and easy!  More than likely you have everything you need on hand right now.  (Please excuse my sad cookie sheet...this one is out of service, but works well for these kind of messy endeavors.)
Food coloring

Just play around with the ratio of water to cornstarch until you get something that works.  I have a feeling that it really does depend a bit on how humid it is where you live.  Nicole's favorite part was mixing up the colors and combining the primary colors to make secondary colors.

Sponge Water Bombs
I've seen this project a lot this summer, but I first ran across it on Martha Stewart's website.  This is another cheap and easy project.  Nicole didn't really help me with it, but she has enjoyed playing with the end result.  (Just a little aside...I couldn't find fishing line around the house, so I used dental dental floss.  LOL  It worked just fine, so just use what you've got around the house!)

FAILED crafts of the week
Moon Sand - Nicole had fun mixing the water in, but could care less about the end result.  Now I have a rubbermaid container of smelly sand.  (Another fun smells bad.  Kind of like something that rhymes with tee.)
2 c. sand
2 c. corn flour
1 c. water
Ribbon Streamers - I thought Nicole would have fun dancing with the streamers, but she could have cared less about them.  In fact, she actually told me it wasn't a very good craft.  It's nice that she speaks her mind...right?

All in all...this week was a bust.  I am not deterred though; next week's theme is "flowers."  I am pretty positive it will be a hit, but you never know.


crazyaboutcricut said...

What a great series! Thanks for some great ideas to try :oD

Dawn said...

very cool! I may have to do the sidewalk chalk paints with Z. today is sunny and warm here... so we may do it, I'll stick up photos if we do!


Glora said...

Okay, I LOVE these ideas, and some things are just hit and miss with little ones. The streamers sounded like a good idea! I think I will pass on the moon sand - LOL. And I love the sidewalk paint and sponge bombs. Hugs- Glora

Louvenia said...

Thanks for sharing. We are going to try the sidewalk paint as soon as the weather allows. thanks!

HappyPlaceJen said...

Still doing a great job with this kid craft series, Lauren! Can't wait to read and see the results of the flower session next week! :) ~Jen

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

I am having the same kinda of week :o)

Jens Craft Corner said...

I love the sidewalk paint idea! I will be giving that a try this summer for sure. I love reading your kid crafts each week. I think it's wonderful you do such fun things with your daughter.

Jenni said...

I just love all of your ideas and wishing you more fun next week. You have inspired me to do a weekly theme with my two kiddos each week. We are having a blast. Thanks for the ideas.

Scrappy Moms Stamps said...

LOL! You were ambitious this week! I'm glad she at least liked/had fun with some of them! :)

Tracy ~ Craft Junkie Too said...

You are such a good Mom Lauren -- and I really think the first picture is artwork in itself -- for real. I love all of the splattered paint and the sweet feet in the corner. What awesome memories.
Big Hugs!