Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Art - Wk 4...a little late

Sorry this is so late...I have been trying to get ready for next week and completely forgot about this post.  Week Four's theme was flowers...yes, very girly...but I only have one girl and she loves girly crafts.  To get started, I cut out 4 sheets of flowers using my Cricut Expression and 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.  I used two styles of flowers from George and Basic Shapes, and cut them out at 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" - you can get 25 to 30 flowers per page using "auto fill."  This gave us plenty of flowers for the week, plus we have some leftover for future projects.

Flower Magnets
I found this kit at Joann's for 40% off a few weeks ago and I'm so glad that I picked it up.  The kit comes with 5 flowers, paints and glitter glue - sometimes it is REALLY nice to have everything all ready to go without any prep on my part.  I painted one and then Nicole painted the rest.  

Pipe Cleaner Flowers
These are soo easy and fun to make.  This is the second or third time that we've made them, but this time Nicole added more flowers to each stem to make them "fancy-ish."  (Her words.)  She uses them to decorate her table for tea parties and such.  She also has been using them for "wedding day," which is a new game that she's been playing to give her daddy heart palpitations.  :)

Flower Lei
This was another big hit - I used the same flowers, cut up straws and some string to help Nicole create a lei.  We also made a little crown using pipe cleaners and flowers, but I can't find it.  

Flower Rings
This was another fun and easy project.  I saved some of the little tabs from the milk cartons to use as a ring base.  Nicole used glue dots to stick the flowers to the tab and added rhinestones to the centers.  

Beaded Flowers Butterflies
This was supposed to be a flower, but Nicole thought it would make a better butterfly.  To create the petals or wings, just add beads to a pipe cleaner, and then twist into petal shapes.  I added another sparkly pipe cleaner to the center to create the butterfly's body and antennae.  I was hoping that this would be a good activity to work on color patterns, but Nicole wasn't in the mood to work on that.  We'll try again another time!

So far this week - we've done some "science" related crafts.  I can already tell you that I had the most colossal fail today, while "bubble painting."  I will tell you all about it later in the week...we will NOT be bubble painting again for a looong time.  


Glora said...

WOW, these projects looks SO fun and fairly simple, my daughter's would LOVE them. Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs- Glora

Lisa said... give her daddy heart palpitations....

too cute!!!

Kris Dietz said...

What a cute project. My niece and nephew are going to love making these this weekend.

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