Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Art - Wk 5

Remember when I had planned all sorts of "themed" art projects.  The key to theme week is to have everything on hand.  It kind of puts a damper on craft time when you don't have all of the supplies that you need.  
I came to science theme week unprepared.  I planned to make homemade slime, but I forgot that I haven't found Borax yet.  I also forgot that I needed Alka-Seltzer for the lava lamps and glycerin for the giant bubbles.   So I are the results from the re-titled "Mommy is Unprepared and has had a Headache all Week Long" craft week.

Bubble Painting

Let me attach a HUGE disclaimer to this project.  This was fun...until it wasn't.  I was prepared that it would be kind of messy - it just ended up being messy in a different sort of way than I had planned.  

Watercolor Paper (or any thick paper)
Non Toxic Paints 
Dish Soap
Paper/Plastic Cups

The goal of this is to blow bubbles with the straw and then pop them on the page.  We had two problems...I don't think our paper was thick enough, so we didn't get very good bubble images AND Nicole accidentally took a drink of the soapy paint.  You can probably guess what happened next. Luckily we have a leather couch...or it would now be a lovely shade of strawberry red.  Needless to say...Nicole is slightly skeptical of Mommy's craft ideas.  She told me this was NOT a fun craft.  I agree - I felt/feel horrible.  Word to the wise...three may be too young for this one.  

Painted Birdhouses
This is pretty self-explanatory.  Obviously depending on the age of your child, these could be as simple or elaborate as you'd like.  I found these cute mini-birdhouses in the Michael's $1 section.  Easy and fun...and they in no real way link to the science theme.  I just didn't have anything for her to do on Thursday afternoon.  

Magic Dust

I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to use your imaginations.  

Food Coloring
Baking Soda 

This wasn't quite as exciting as I'd hoped.  After all of the fizzing, Nicole asked, "What happens next?  When is going to be magic?"  I guess I should have made a paper maiche volcano or something.  :)

Next week will be better.  :)


KarenK said...

you can find Borax in the laundry detergent area. I use 20 Team's in a box.

Suzy said...

Lauren I love this series. Thanks for sharing your adventures every Friday. I hope you create a fun scrapbook layout of your craft time! :)

HappyPlaceJen said...

Love to read about your crafting adventures with Nicole, Lauren! Though all do not work as you would like, you are still creating memories and precious time together. :) ~Jen

Connie Marie said...

You are a great mom for doing these summer crafts with your daughter and spending quality time with her! I have fond memories of doing these types of things with my family when I was little. A lot of it is trial and error but the important thing is that you have fun while doing it with the people you love. Great job on the summer crafts! Your cards and projects are so gorgeous by the way. I have picked up on the faux stitching you use on your projects and I"m addicted now!! LOL

the purple muse said...

OMG! So adorable:-)


Glora said...

Oh no, she swallowed some. Darn, don't you hate that?! Great ideas though and I love the bird houses! Hugs- Glora