Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Wreath

I love fall, which is funny considering that I live in a place where we don't typically have fall...more like a cooler summer.  I still decorate the house with a few fall items.  I have a plain jane pepper berry wreath that I have used on the front door for the past couple of years for fall, but when I got it out the other day, I noticed it was kind of falling apart.  I have been seeing yarn wreaths all over Pinterest for a few weeks, and after seeing the sad state of my stand-by wreath - I finally broke down to make my own.  

This was so easy to make and I LOVE how it turned out.  (I never normally feel that way about any crafty project - normally I always think I could have done something a little differently.)  I'm already thinking about doing something similar for Christmas.  
I wish I would have realized how easy it is to make felt flowers sooner - love them.  Now I'm thinking I should really invest in some flower dies for my Cuttlebug.  
I didn't take any step by step pictures because I wasn't sure it was going to be worth posting about.  :/  Sorry.  I bought everything at Joann's.  Their fall floral items were on sale for 30% off, and a lot of their yarn was on sale too.  The wreath I saw on Pinterest sells for $40, so all in all - this turned out much cheaper.  It would have been even cheaper if I had remembered my coupon for the ribbon I used to hang it.  I have plenty of yarn left to make another wreath (just in the opposite color scheme - brown with green).

Hot Glue Gun/Scissors
14" Straw Wreath $2.99
(3) Acorn Picks $1.19/each
Pepper berry Pick $1.19
Green Yarn $2.99
Brown (Multi-colored) Yarn $3.99
Brown Ribbon $6.99
(5) Sheets of 9 x 12 Felt $.34/each
Total: $22.23

Tutorial Links

  • Do NOT take the plastic off of the straw wreath - it would make a huge mess, and I think you would end up with little bits of straw peeking through.
  • Felt Mums - to make the larger mums I used two strips of 1 x 12 felt.  To ensure I had even strips - I used my rotary cutter and a ruler.  I tried to use my Martha Stewart fringe scissors, but they didn't cut through the felt that well.  It may work if you've never cut paper with them, since paper dulls your scissors.
  • I attached the acorn picks and the pepper berry pieces FIRST and then added the flowers.
If you have any questions, let me know!  Hope you have a great weekend!


bonnie said...

Oh wow Lauren this is much more beautiful than store bought ones...this you can treasure for years to come! I love felt but not really used it've inspired me to maybe give it a go! Have a great weekend! ;) Hugs x

Sue said...

Lauren this is beautiful! I've not seen anything like this around are area. I love the criss-cross of the yarn strands, and the flowers. Thanks for the heads up about the plastic cover. I'll be trying this so thank you so much for the supplies and instructions.

Scrappy Mel said...

So pretty - I love the colors you used! The flowers are beautiful, you are very brave to attempt to make all of them! It looks like tons of work, even if the process isn't complicated! I LOVE it! :)


Melissa said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous, I love it!

Carrie K said...

Beautiful wreath! I love the colors.

Tammy E. said...

Oh, I really, really want to make one of these. I wish it weren't 8:00 pm -- I'd love to go buy the stuff now! LOL. Thanks for the wonderfully beautiful inspiration.

Shelly said...

Oh girl this is incredible! I love it so much!

Saundra said...

This is beautiful, Lauren! Love the colors and flowers are fabulous!

Saundra :)

liz at liz's paper loft said...

oh my goodness lauren, this is soooooo beautiful! I think I'm going to have to make one for my door!

Joanna said...

this came out great! i've been wanting to try one of these for a long time, i even bought a wreath about 3 months ago and it's still sitting in my craft room! lol..thanks for the inspiration, you did a great job! :)

Glora said...

WOW Lauren, where do I even start on this one!!!! This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! You are amazing! Hugs- Glora

Cristi said...

Lauren, this is so beautiful! I am in love with it.

Cristi said...

Lauren, this is so beautiful! I am in love with it.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a year late but I saw your wreath and have to tell you how gorgeous it is - you are just so talented!
Thanks for posting the tutorial.
I'm posting it on Pinterest - I'm sure it's already there but it's time for it's second debut!

Kind regards!

The Burney's said...

Can you tell me where you bought the pepper berry stick and acorn picks? I can't find them in stores or online. Do they have a different name?

Lauren Brewer said...

@The Burney's - I found mine at Joann's last year, but I'm not sure if they still have them this year. You may be able to find them in a garland form instead of picks. It would work just as well; you would just need to cut them apart. I hope that helps! Good luck!

The Burney's said...

Lauren, thank you. I ended up using a fall floral bundle and just cut up the stems that I wanted to use. I think it looks great!

Peggy said...

Just stopping by to let you know, I featured this project on my fall wreath post here- Please grab a featured button from my side bar to use on you blog, if you'd like. :)

Reneelynn said...

Just saw your wreath featured on a blog ( Attic 24) it's very beautiful! Was wondering about the pattern for the roses?

dmnarayana said...

oh my goodness lauren, this is soooooo beautiful! I think I'm going to have to make one for my door!Debenhams Discount Code