Sunday, September 18, 2011

SMS Sneak Peek: Game On!....Car.

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For the five or so people that get the title of this post...this is for you.  For everyone else...sorry.  I know it is a pretty basic...kind of boring card, BUT if it makes you think of the scene from Wayne's World, then it's worth it.  You're welcome.  While I worked on this card, I watched some of my favorite Wayne's World clips and laughed out my craft room.  (Gun rack, anyone?)

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Game Day

That's it for today...short and sweet.  Party on!


Laurie said...

LOL!! I do get it!!! Great card!!! :)

katieo said...

Funny love that you put humor into your card

Alisha said...

LOL!! I like it. that would be a great card from my hubby.

Erica said...

Anyone who didn't IMMEDIATELY get that is a psycho hose beast.