Thursday, December 8, 2011

EAD Color Challenge #19

Happy Thursday!  I have been sick this week (boo), so I haven't spent much time in my craft room.  Today is the start of EAD Color Challenge.  I was too sick to finish my Scrappy Moms Terrific Tuesday Challenge project, so I decided to combine the challenges into one project.  Tada!  You could do the same thing and automatically get a 25% off coupon from EAD Designs and possibly win a $20 gift certificate to the EAD Designs store.  If you make a Christmas themed project, then you can also link your project to the Scrappy Moms site for a chance to win a stamp set!  (Multi-craft-tasking.)
I made a little cupcake box for this week's challenge, but instead of holding a cupcake - it holds an ornament that my daughter and I made last week.  Instead of putting the stickers on white cardstock, I decided to use kraft.  The combination of the kraft cardstock and the clear backing gives the stickers a faux watercolor sort of look. 

Christmas Stamps
Does it bug anyone else when you can see the pop dots in a picture?  That drives me crazy.
This is what's inside the little box.  I found this idea on Pinterest and we tried it out last week.  It was really easy and Nicole and I had fun trying to find the exact right amount of paint needed to get a decent thumbprint.  Just a quick note/tip...I tried to use glitter glue for their antlers (and it looked a whole lot cuter), but once the glitter glue dried it wouldn't stick to the ornament.  I just replaced it with Sharpie...not as cute, but it still worked.  I did use glitter glue for their eyes and noses and it seems to be sticking to the acrylic paint just fine.  

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Crafting Katie said...

What a great idea, Lauren! Your box is absolutely adorable, and I just love the ornament! Precious!!!

Laura said...

That is so adorable! What a sweet gift!

Amanda Villarreal said...

SO cute! I saw this on Pinterest as well and it is on my to do list :). It's one of the few ornament ideas out there that I can have my daughter "help" me with. Would stickles stick or do you think it'd be just like the glitter glue?

Melissa said...

So pretty!!

Scrappy Moms Stamps said...

So very cute! I love the stickers on kraft - it looks very vintage! I think your ornament is ADORABLE, no matter what the antlers are make with - way to go Lauren and Nicole! :)

- Mel

liz at liz's paper loft said...

lauren, too stinkin' cute!!! you are way too creative!