Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning = Giveaways

If you are looking for my Scrappy Moms post for today...scroll down!

I mentioned last week on my Facebook page that I am in a scrapbooking slump.  I got a LOT of great suggestions.  One suggestion was to clean out my craft room, and I'm starting with that one.

I have a ton of cards that have never found homes, sooo if you want them - here's your chance.  I divided my cards into a couple of different categories, and then tried to group them together in sets of 4 cards.  I have over 20 sets...that's a lot of homeless cards.

I'm going to giveaway HALF of them now and then the other half next month.  Here's how it will work...leave a comment on THIS post with two pieces of information...which category of cards you would prefer AND a way to get in touch with you.  I will use to pick the winners (there will be 10 winners).  I will do my best to try and match the winners with their preference of cards.  I draw the winners on Friday, March 23rd!

Cute (5 sets)
Peachy Keen Faces and/or funny sentiments
Holiday (2 sets)
Kind of self explanatory...right?
Coffee (1 set)

Pet Themed (1 set)

Hello (1 set)
So...if you would like to be entered to win a set of cards (4 cards NO envelopes) you need to leave a comment on this post with your name/email address and which category you'd prefer.

Winners will be drawn Friday, March 23rd!


Anonymous said...


Vanessa Arita said...

Vanessa Arita
Email: I like them all..

Courtney N said...

I would love any of them

Melissa said...

Lauren, I have always admired how you craft, anytime you can't find a home for your cards there is always one here!

I would like to give someone else a chance since I have had a set from you in the past. However if you don't have enough to join in (which I highly doubt) I will take the pet or beet!

mzcherub at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

and to make it easy, I would be happy to give any of them MY home!! So, I would be happy with any set I win!! and love your blog by the way!! you give me lots of inspiration!!

danajohnson1218 said...

I absolutely love the Cute and Holiday ones!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

BugBites said...

Wow, how generous. I like the cute category, please.
I can be reached at

Thank you for the opportunity.

Glora said...

AWESOME!!!! I would love some Lauren cards!!!! I think I want to go for the 'cute' group. My contact is me(at)glorajean(dot)com. Thanks for a chance. Hugs- Glora

Tashina said...
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Tashina said...

I love your cards!!! So beautiful! Thank you very much for the chance to win! My choice would be Holiday. Thank you so much!!

e tt e r tm @ g ma il dot com

Jenn said...

Truthfully, just having any one of your cards would be great! I would love a chance at the pet themed set though :)
hugs, Jenn
smile4jenn at hotmail dot com

Shelly said...

How awesome, I would love to give the "hello" or "Holiday" set A home!

Christine Riley said...

Hi Lauren, I would love to win your cards, I'm such a huge fan of yours. I'd be honored to win any of them, but my favorites are coffee, holiday, and pet. You can reach me at
Hugs, Christine

Melissa said...

Lauren, I have loved your blog and projects since I found it a few months ago. They've always provided so much inspiration. I'm sure you'll overcome you're slump.

I'd love any of your sets, but especially you're "Cute" set.


Jo Ann V said...

i love them all especially the coffe one. thanks for such a great giveaway.

Jens Craft Corner said...

I love your cards and will take any sets!! I love your work and would love to have some of your cards. You can get in touch with me by using the "Contact Me" section on my blog. Thank you so much for the chance to win some of your cards.

Amanda said...

Love all the sets!!

Cute set

Keniesha said...

Love all your cards Lauren, I would be glad to have any of them.


Kimberly said...

WOW!!! how generous....these are the most awesome cards..i think i would love the coffee or the cute...really doesn't matter they are equally adorable..thanks for the chance.
kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

LadybugCarrie said...

How nice of you! Love all of your cards, but the pet themed are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win! :-)
carrie dot slaughter at gmail dot com

Kim said...

Oh, my favorite sets are the Cute set:) Thanks so much for a chance to win!!

Patti B said...

I like them all. I have admired your work for some time now. But think that the Hello or the Pets are my faves. Thanks for the chance.


jessica said...

Your cards are so adorable and I love them all!!! My favorite :)
TFS and for the chance to win!

McVic said...

oh super fun!! I would love to be entered in the (Cute) set! TY so much!
I love them all, your style is so much fun!

Jessica said...

Laurens thanks for share with us!


they are all so cute!! which by the way is the card set I would like if I win!! "Cute" thanks for the chance!
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

Amy said...

I would just love to have any of these fabulous sets! Your cards are super cute!

Craftyhomemade said...

I think I would love to get any of them, they're beautiful.


Susan B. said...

I would love to have any of the sets they all are beautiful.

iola3druid at gmail dot com

Jen Naus said...

Oh Lauren, all of your cards are so cute. Any set would do for me, thanks!
jenny dot naus at yahoo dot com

Dawn said...

I love all your cards. I like the cute set and the holiday set. But really, they're all great.
Deegeescraps at gmail dot com

Cathy said...

They are all absolutely wonderful. I love your style and creativity and paper choices. I would take any of them but love the hliday and pet and peachy keen.
mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

Marionment said...

I would love to have the coffee set. Thanks for an opportunity to win them.

Anonymous said...

All are great but the catagory I prefer would be Cute! Or Coffee!
I can be reached, if I am lucky enough to win a set at

Thanks for the giveaway!!

kim.scrapper said...

What a thoughtful giveaway to get rid of some of your stash. I think if I won, I would love to have the Hello theme, thanks...Kim (

Anonymous said...

I love your work, so any one of them would work for me.

Nancy said...

All of them are fabulous, but my favorites are pet or cute. Thanks for the chance to win!
Nkdwtm at aol dot com

Roxane said...

Your cards are fabulous. I would be thrilled and honored to have any of them.
theapplesrus at gmail dot com

TyTynNiyasmom said...

How generous of you! I love the cute and holiday sets. Thanks for the chance to win.


Scrappin Dhilly said...

That is so thoughtful of you, I am a long time follower of yours since you first started your blog! I love all of your creations and would love to have anything created by you so if I win you can surprise me!

scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

Kards by Kadie said...

Love the Coffee set! Many thanks for this opportunity to win-please count me IN!
KadieLabadie at live dot com

Claudia said...

How generous of you! I love them all but I guess my fav is the Hello set. thanks for the opportunity.
claudiamatzke at hotmail dot com

Lisa Davis said...

Hi Lauren, I would like to win some cards from your cute set, my name is Lisa Davis and my email address is I love your style of cardmaking and scrapbooking. I also enjoy the other crafts you share with us.

sarah said...

Thx. for the chance to wun some of UR awesome card set..
my fav would B the peachy keen set..yay!!!

Robin said...

How awesome! Love all your cards, If I had to choose I guess I would go with cute! Thanks for the great give-a-way.

thecricutscrapper at yahoo dot com

dfites said...

I would LOVE To win the HELLO category cards. I just LOVE the one in the picture.
you an contact me at
Thank you!!

dreenie said...

I love all your creations Lauren!!!! I live your cute, coffee or hello cards!!!!

littlen said...

how sweet of you. i never seem to get cards done in time and wish i had a stash ready. i'd love to have the holiday set. thanks for the chance to win. i'm a long time follower.
littlen44 at gmail dot com

silly_girl_823 said...

I would love to win a set of cute!!

Amy Vandiver

silly_girl_823 at hotmail dot com

lmkindell1 said...

I love them all, put pet, cute and holiday are my favorites. I love all of your work and would love a chance to have some of your work.


ThemeWeaver said...

What a great give away!! I love new ideas and love homemade cards. You have made it hard to choose but I will go with Holiday and Coffee my two favorites!!
Thank You
Janet Cooney

Cely said...

CUTE set is fabulous!!! :) cely_rohr at hotmail dot com

snowdraak said...

My top three favourites are Holiday, Coffee, and Pet. They are all great!!!!
Thanks for the chace to win some great cards.

callyannc said...

These are the best giveaways. Stuff that is made by a fellow crafter! Love it! Love the cute and holidays!! Thanks CallyAnn

Lisa said...

What an awesome give-away! I love all the cards but my favorite category is "Cute " ;)
Top29gun at gmail dot com

VeronicaA said...

This is a fabulous giveaway. I love the "Cute" category. Thanks for a chance to win.

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Lauren! This is the best giveaway ever! I would be so super happy to win the "Cute" or "Holiday" set! Amazing :)

Thanks so much!


Rosie said...

All cards are cute , I really like the hello set
Www. Scraplovingminis.bllogspot. Com

Kelly Krocker Kreates said...

What an awesome giveaway!!!! Your cards are so beautiful. I would love the chance to win a set. I would love the Cute or Holiday set. Thank you for the chance to win!
Kelly Krocker Kreates at g mail . Com