Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Update and a Super Peachy Sale!

Happy Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a good week and will have an even better weekend.  I just wanted to pop in and quickly let you know that Peachy Keen Stamps is having a HUGE sale this fact, I think this may be their biggest sale ever.  You should definitely check it out!  

I know the blog has been slow...I actually have a bunch of projects to share.  Peachy Keen Stamps is releasing a TON of new stamps over the next few stay tuned.  There will be lots of fall inspiration to see.  I've seen some of the design team projects and you will be blown away...such talented ladies.  There is a brand new Scrappy Moms Terrific Tuesday Challenge starting this Tuesday, so I will have a fun project to share.  I know some of you are patiently or impatiently waiting for this month's new release from Scrappy Moms Stamps - it IS coming.  As soon as there is a firm release date, we will all let you know!  

Let's see...other than that - I celebrated my birthday this week.  It was pretty low key...the whole pregnancy thing pretty much squashes any wild parties.  (Although I'm not sure "wild party" and Lauren have ever been in the same sentence.)  We will be moving my daughter into her new room this weekend.  Wish us luck...she has been a little hesitant.  We are moving her into what was our guest room because it should be quieter once the baby is here and it is slightly larger than her current room.  I have BIG plans for her closet, unfortunately that means that I will have to clean out the guest room closet.  It is in sad sad shape.  Currently it holds almost ALL of Nicole's baby clothes, our baby linens, a Christmas wreath and some random stray clothes of mine.  It also held my wedding dress until last weekend, when my parents graciously took it to their house for me.  Nicole's baby clothes are arranged by sizes, but I HAVE to deal with them.   I have "sorted" through them at least three times, and I still have LOTS...maybe even an obscene amount - especially considering that I have cleaned them out and donated or given away a ton.  I am emotionally attached to her baby clothes, and I had been saving them "just in case." Well...we found out we won't be needing any girly baby clothes this time around.  ;)  (Do you like how I snuck that in towards the bottom of the post, so you actually have to be a dedicated reader to learn that little tidbit.)  I may put off going through the baby clothes until AFTER we get Nicole settled into her new room.  I was thinking about finding someone to turn her some of her baby clothes into a memory quilt.  Any suggestions?  I've been looking on etsy, but it's still a little overwhelming.  


Cristina said...

Lauren, Congrats on the baby boy. Aww. I did like how you snuck that in. I guess you can consider me your dedicated reader.

Summer is difficult there is so much to do outside the house that I can't seem to find enough time for blogging.

I also realized today that we are blog sisters 2x over :)

I'm sure you cannot wait for your pregnancy to be over, it's so tiring but it will all be worth it when your little one is here.

I can't wait to see those baby blue layouts you'll soon be making once he arrives. Any hint as to a name ?



Glora said...

I'm seriously so happy about your baby boy and I can not tell you how well I understand the insane amount of clothing thing. I have tons of clothes for my girls. Thankfully my 2nd one can use the 1st ones clothes but I still can not part with most of their baby clothes. Take care! Hugs- Glora

Jenny said...

Congratulations Lauren! We decided not to find out this time and I'm trying to 'go-with-the-flow' (and it's killing me!) We are a house of pink so I'm kind of nervous at the thought of baby maybe being a boy!

I am also one of those people very anxiously awaiting the SMS new release! CAN.NOT. WAIT!

When are you due? I don't think I've seen that?


Robin said...

Congratulations on your wonderful news of a baby boy :) I think it is terrific that you want to turn your daughters clothes into a memory quilt :) You could try She does a wonderful job on her quilts!

silly_girl_823 said...

Congratulations on a baby boy!! Sadly I don't have any ideas on who could make a quilt but I do think that is a wonderful idea!!

Amy V

~Molly~ said...

OMG!!!!! I had no idea you were having another baby!!! Congratulations on your future baby boy!! I'm so excited for you!! AND, I guess we all get to look forward to some masculine scrapbook pages???? hehehe Can't wait to hear more about him when he arrives!

Erica said...

No advice, as I took the easy way out and had a second girl. (You're having a boy! Yaaay!)