Monday, November 19, 2012

A post about not posting... now I think I've established that Lauren and pregnancy do not get along.  Here are a few things that I've been up to...unfortunately none of which involve new projects.
My feet minus bones.  Ok...there are bones in there, somewhere underneath all of the swelling.  Normally I wear a 6 1/2, but since my feet decided to double in size - I broke down and bought a pair of cheap flats in an 8 1/2.  For real...sad times.  So...two days after I took this picture while sitting on our patio watching my little munchkin play on her swing set, my doctor put me on bed rest.  I knew it was more than likely coming, but I was still hopeful that I would be able to avoid it for a bit longer.
First I did a lot of crosswords, which tended to be geared for a slightly older demographic.  (I learned that I'm not so knowledgable about Gunsmoke or big bands from the 40's.)  I balanced crosswords out with some mind numbing television.  There may have also been a lot of tears mixed in with all of the crosswords and TV...maybe even a full blown pity party.
Last week I got super ambitious and did a bit of crafting for my daughter's class party.   
I got stuck bringing veggies to her preschool Thanksgiving feast, so I decided to make them as cute as possible.  I just taped the little turkey bodies to a small plastic cups, added some ranch dressing to the cups and then the cut up veggies became the turkeys' tail feathers.  My mom cut up the veggies for me, so they were super easy to put together.  

I hate posting about why I'm not posting, but I didn't want anyone to think I had just disappeared.  Right now I'm just taking things day by day. I am still seeing my doctor weekly, so she can monitor me and the baby.  So far my sweet baby boy is doing well, and all of this resting IS paying off.  My swelling is way down and my blood pressure is finally responding to the medication.  

I hope all of you have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Houses Built of Cards said...

So glad to hear you are doing better and that the bed rest is working! Hang in there - it will all be worth it in the end! HUGS and prayers to you!!!

Erica said...

OH, LAUREN. First of all, I can't even imagine how difficult bedrest is. The idea of it makes my head hurt and my face scrunch up. Second, those are the cutest vegetables that ever existed. Third, I think I told every single person I know that MY FRIEND LAUREN WAS FEATURED ON HUFFPO. So thanks for that ;)

Melissa said...

Glad to hear the baby is doing good and your better, take care!!

Softpencil Studios said...

Congrats on your pregnancy, Lauren! :)

2LilPrincesses said...

thinking of you, Lauren!!! Soon your baby boy will be here and all these troubles will be a thing of the past!!! Keep your spirits up, I'm sure being on bed rest can be hard on a person!!

Lezlye said...

Thinking of you Lauren, wishing you a healthy baby;)

Grade School Giggles said...

I hope that you are feeling better and finding ways to entertain yourself. Bed rest does not sound like fun.
Grade School Giggles

teachdanz said...

so sorry:-( I had pre-eclampsia with my first kiddo and can sympathize with you!

Scrappy Moms Stamps said...

Your little veggie turkey cups are sooo cute!!! :D

I am keeping you and your little guy in my prayers!

Sending you lots of {{{ HUGS }}}!

- Mel

Jennifer said...

Hi Lauren,

Glad to hear that your bed rest is paying off!!! :) And how exciting to be having a boy!!!!!!!!! I have one of each and feel so lucky to experience both-they are so different! Hang in there!

Crafty hugs,

partridgelu at yahoo dot com

Those turkeys were ADORABLE!!! :) What a creative idea!

Stephanie said...

Take care of yourself. It will be worth it. Just post updates for us.
Prayers and happy thoughts are coming your way.

~amy~ said...

Take it easy......crafting while on it:)

silly_girl_823 said...

Glad to hear that bed rest is helping and that you and baby are doing better. I know what a nuisance bed rest can be.

Amy V

Lisa said...

A) Benn there - totally understand...bedrest = soooo not fun

B) Those Turkey Veggies cups are killing me - SOOO ADORABLE! Pinned immediately!

bonnie said...

Oh sweetie, I can totally sympathise! I had pre-eclampsia with my 1st daughter and was on bed rest at hospital for a couple of weeks then they decided to induce me and I had her on Christmas Day! All worked out in the end, I wish you lots if luck hope all goes well sweetie...hugs x x