Friday, May 31, 2013

New Scrappy Moms Stamps!

Happy Friday!  Hope you all have had a good week.  I've survived Nicole's first week of summer vacation and have only heard, "When does school start?" and "I wish I could go to school," about a hundred times so far.  It's somewhat of a miracle, but I was able to craft again!  In my craft room!  Hooray!
Scrappy Moms Stamps is releasing two brand new stamp sets this month!  Life's a Circus is of course great for circus themed projects but I think it works for lots of different occasions and will coordinate with a ton of different die cuts and stamps.
 I used the "A Star is Born" sentiment to go with my lion shaped card.  I can't believe that this is my first card in almost 6 months...I am a little rusty, but I am so happy that I was able to fit in a little craft time.
I love this set - these sentiments will be great for cards and layouts alike!
I made a bookmark for my brand new reader!  Nicole just started reading, so I thought she might like a brand new bookmark all her own.  I'm planning on laminating it, but I didn't want to mess with trying to photograph it once it was laminated.  I welded the base of the apple and worm to a rectangle using the Silhouette design software, but you could just as easily glue a similar die cut to a rectangle and call it a day.    

Make sure to check out all of the Scrappy Moms Design Team Members' blogs for lots more inspiration!  

Have a great weekend!  Nicole has her first ever dance recital, so wish us luck!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello out there

Hello.  Who knows if anyone is still even checking this darn blog.  I have abandoned it the last few months.  Life has been full of stress and joy in equal measure.  I've had this post in draft mode for months, but have had a hard time finding the right words to accurately describe what the last few months have been like for me and my family. 

Before I get started...let me tell you that everything is ok now and we are now a happy family of four...but it was a pretty bumpy road to this point.  So...if you were hoping for a craft project, sorry.  The only thing that has been more neglected than this blog is my craft desk.  Cobwebs and dust bunnies have taken over.  I am happy to report that I am in the process of clearing out my craft room and am looking forward to crafting in the very very near future.

The last time that I checked in, I was on bed rest awaiting the birth of my son.  During what I thought was a fairly routine appointment with my maternal fetal specialist, she determined that my little one needed to be delivered as soon as possible.  My husband and I stopped by the house and quickly picked up my hospital bag and headed to the hospital.  In my head (and out loud) I just kept saying, "this is too soon."  My OB tried to give my little one the benefit of at least another 24 hours so I could have two steroid shots to help boost his lungs, but it was just not meant to be.  While we were hooked up to the monitors, the baby's heart rate started dipping...drastically.  Within minutes I was in the operating room, and my little one was born nine weeks early, while his mommy was out cold under general anesthetic and his poor daddy was waiting in the hospital room for someone to come and bring him to the OR.  Not only was there an underlying problem, Gavin had managed to wrap his umbilical cord around his neck and arm multiple times, so it really does feel like a miracle that I was even at that appointment.  (Random fact: my OB has only ever performed ONE other c-section while the mom was under general anesthetic.) (2nd Random fact: my OB could watch our monitors on her iPhone while she was supposed to be enjoying her day off, so when she saw the heart rate dip - she  headed back to the hospital.) 
First time holding Gavin - 4 days after he was born.
December 3rd was the first of 53 of the longest days of my entire life.  The best way to describe it is that if you happened to see me or talk to me during one of those days - you were seeing me and speaking to me on the worst day of my life...over and over again.  I know that probably seems like an exaggeration to most of you, but you'll just have to trust me.  Our journey taught me many things.  It reminded me again that I cannot control everything.  I did everything humanly possible to stay pregnant  and give my son as much time as possible, but I still couldn't carry him to term.  When I hear other moms talk about their "birth plans," I always think to you REALLY think you can plan that?  Let me tell you...the baby is in charge of the whole thing.  I know that LOTS of women have babies without the aid of modern medicine, but without modern medicine I wouldn't have survived my daughter's birth and I KNOW Gavin wouldn't have survived.  That is a sobering thought.  Gavin's doctors and nurses were all amazing.  Gavin's hospital stay also taught me that sometimes you have to ask for help.  There is no way we could have managed to keep everything going without help.  It was vital for me to spend as much time as possible at the hospital with Gavin, but I also had a five year old that needed her mommy too.  Brandon's mom helped out so much with Nicole and helped us keep everything running at home.  I will also give you a tip - if someone you know has ANY kind of crisis, the nicest thing you can do is bring dinner.  Even if you don't cook - take-out is appreciated.  I cannot tell you how much we appreciated NOT having to worry about what to make for dinner.  Finally, I think the NICU taught me to try and enjoy EVERY moment.  I was happy for ANYTHING that I could do for Gavin while he was in the hospital.  I happily changed diapers, bathed and fed him any chance that I could.  I am trying to keep that going...up at night with a baby - who cares! He'll only be a baby for such a finite amount of time.  Screaming fits - oh well!  He's my last baby, so I'll never have another screaming baby.  I just want him to stay healthy and happy.
On our way home! 
Gavin is now 5 1/2 months and is doing great!  His little personality is really starting to emerge and I cannot wait to see who he becomes.  Nicole has been the best big sister.  The last year has been filled with so many changes and stresses, but she has weathered everything really well.  Gavin loves her so much and thinks she's pretty much the greatest thing ever.  I am so lucky to be their mom.     

If you are still reading this, thank you!  I am hoping that my next post will include a craft project.  Fingers crossed!!!