Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick Thank You Card!

What?  Another shaker card, why yes.  Yes it is.  I did try something slightly different, and it really was so fast to put together.  I really am being serious.  I have just a few die sets.  They have always seemed like a waste to me since I used my Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines.  Since I haven't been using either of those very often, I have been more drawn to trying dies out.  Even though I used a die for this one, I still think you could use your die cutting machine to create something similar.  

The entire white card base is popped up using foam tape, and I created a little frame underneath the "thanks" phrase to create the shaker element.  Super super easy.  I did use a few too many sequins, so it doesn't shake quite as easily as it probably should.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Another Shaker Card and Motherhood

Hello!  So...another bit of a break, but I'm back.  You probably don't come here for mommy type stuff, but whatever it's my blog and I can mommy blog if I want.  School started and while I love how excited my oldest  was/is to go back to school - I also hate it.  Sending a vital part of your heart out into the world is so hard.  So so hard.  If I could, I would build a bubble for both of my children to live inside or maybe a tower like Rapunzel.  A tower would give them a bit more room to spread out.  Letting go is hard, which is why I am already mentally preparing to attend college with them.  I can go back and get a masters degree or maybe another bachelors degree in something completely useless and specific.  So...every August for the past three years, I get sad.  I get sad that this other entity has a say over my wonderful perfect amazing child (totally unbiased opinion) and it puts me in a funk.  I get grumpy about having to get doctor's notes to prove I didn't just play hooky with MY OWN CHILD and sitting in the car line and trying to reassure my wonderful perfect amazing daughter that there is nothing wrong with her, but that kids (and grown-ups) can be jerks sometimes.  But...the point is that I am almost over my inevitable funk about my kids growing up and the fact that you can't protect them from every little thing, but you cannot stop me from trying and possibly giving myself an ulcer or a nervous breakdown in the process.  

I made another shaker card and this time I wanted to try one that was slightly more complicated and things were going swimmingly until I glued the clear cardstock to the wrong side and had to try and recreate the front of the card.  Then I stamped the sentiment completely crooked.  Right before I had a tantrum and totally gave up - I tried one more time it finally came together.  

Anywho...thanks for stopping by and I promise the majority of my posts will be more focused on crafts.  Maybe.  Probably.  For sure.   
Spellbinders Nestabilities - Standard Circles
Penny Black - Hedgie Friends
Papertrey Ink - Clear Cardstock & Sprinkles and Shakers Set

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunny Days Ahead

Happy Thursday!  It's our last week of summer vacation and even though I had big plans to do all sorts of things - we've ended up hanging around the house.  As much as I love having both kiddos home with me, I think getting back into a routine will be good for all of us.  I have another shaker card to share today.  I've had all of the pieces for this one ready for a while, but I finally managed to put it all together.  

I love these little hedgehogs from Penny Black.  They are so sweet (and super easy to color). 


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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shake it Off

Sorry if the title of this post has caused Shake it Off to get stuck in your head.  I know it's probably old by this time, but my seven year old discovered Taylor Swift this year.  (It could be worse regardless of what my husband thinks.)  I felt a little rusty posting yesterday and questioned whether or not my projects were really "post worthy," but I am going to shake it off. It may take some time to get back into the swing of things. Someone actually chose to "hide all posts" on Facebook, so that felt pretty good.  I can see how annoying it could be to see a post from me once every 18 months or so.  I'm such a spammer.  Clearly this whole blogging for fun is going really well. I'm very laid back. 😐

Anywho - I jumped on the shaker card bandwagon last year and even though I am still slow at putting them together - the finished product always feels fun and extra special.  I bought Papertrey Ink's Shakers + Sprinkles kit last year, and loved it.  The kit was a great jumping off point and it was so nice to have everything I needed all at once. Plus, I tend to love everything that Betsy Veldman makes, so it was a win win. 

The kit came with some super sticky double sided foam, which in theory is amazing and I'm sure it is great for lots of people, but I was completely spastic with it.  I ended up wasting a quite a bit because I couldn't seem to place it on the card correctly or the shaker elements would stick to the sides, which drove me crazy.  I switched to plain old white craft foam that you can find at pretty much any craft store.  It is cheaper and overall I tend to have more success with the cheap stuff.  I love when that happens!  

 My second card contains two of my all time crafting loves - kraft paper and Peachy Keen Stamps.   Kraft paper for LIFE!  I have given up adding white faux stitching to everything, but if that trend ever makes a come back - I am all over it.  The Happy Lashes set from Peachy Keen specifically is my favorite set, but as of today, I don't see it for sale on their site.  I did see the Rosie's Favorites Face Assortment and it is very similar to the Happy Lashes set.  

I paper pieced the snowman's winter accessories and added a little bit of shading and color with my Copics.  Instead of sequins or micro beads, I used some clear tinsel glitter for the shaker element.  

You may notice in upcoming posts that some items such as paper or even a few stamp sets aren't available for purchase right now.  I really hope that isn't too annoying.  I will try to link to like items whenever possible.  I honestly haven't really bought a ton of craft supplies over the last year.  I do have some new (to me) stamp sets and I a bit of paper, but if you are expecting to see the latest and greatest stuff, this might not be the right place. Maybe I will inspire you to dust off some of your old supplies and use them in a new way or I may inspire you to unfollow.  (See...I'm totally letting it go.)  I have already posted more in 2015 than 2014, so I have that going for me!  

Hope you are having a great week!  We have one more week of summer before school routines start again.  Some days I am totally ready and some days I wish summer break would last a bit longer.


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Monday, August 10, 2015

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

Well, that was a very long break.  You may notice that I blew up my old blog design and simplified things a bit.  Even though I haven't posted, I didn't completely give up crafting.  I took an online Copic class, I made a ton of cards, I foolishly decided to sew the kids' panda Halloween costumes last year, I even made the wreath from Martha Stewart's Christmas magazine.  My daughter finished first grade and somehow turned 7.  My son turned two and keeps me on my toes.  I don't want to say for sure that I'm back and to expect lots of posts, but how about I am going to make a concerted effort.  I've missed this little blog.  Onto projects...real live projects.

Nicole had a birthday party over the weekend and I realized that I didn't have any gift bags on hand that would work.  I could have cut stuck a gift card in a birthday card, but I wanted something a little bit more special.

I bought little brown paper bags from Michael's years ago, and I still have a few in my stash.  I liked the way the first one turned out so much that I decided to make a couple to put aside for a rainy day.  These came together really quickly and can be as simple or as elaborate as you make them.

I went a little crazy with flowers on this bag, so it took a little longer than the others.  I will just save this one for someone extra special.  After I finished coloring and touching up a few of the lines that didn't stamp as clearly as I wanted, I added a few touches of glitter with some glitter pens.  I used a regular hole punch to thread the ribbon through the top.  I used to have a punch that was made specifically for this purpose, but it is either lost or it broke and I forgot about it.  I hate when that happens.

Starbucks gift cards seem to always be a big hit, so I know this one will come in handy.  To make this one a bit more special I used a border punch and topped it off with some baker's twine.  I again used Copics to add some color to the cups, but if you were really short on time - leaving them plain would be just as cute.  Since this paper is so thin, you can't really blend colors, so even if you don't have Copics - any marker will do.

This is gift bag is almost identical to the one I made for my daughter to take to the party.  I used one of my favorite stamp sets, Sugar Rush from Paper Smooches.  I added some extra sparkle with clear glitter, and a matching teeny tiny card to finish it off.  

I have really enjoyed trying out new Copic techniques, and some of my images haven't quite made it onto cards yet, so I decided that this sweet little hedgehog would look cute on a gift bag too.  I just popped it up onto a mat of patterned paper and attached to the bag - done!


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