Friday, September 11, 2015

Another Shaker Card and Motherhood

Hello!  So...another bit of a break, but I'm back.  You probably don't come here for mommy type stuff, but whatever it's my blog and I can mommy blog if I want.  School started and while I love how excited my oldest  was/is to go back to school - I also hate it.  Sending a vital part of your heart out into the world is so hard.  So so hard.  If I could, I would build a bubble for both of my children to live inside or maybe a tower like Rapunzel.  A tower would give them a bit more room to spread out.  Letting go is hard, which is why I am already mentally preparing to attend college with them.  I can go back and get a masters degree or maybe another bachelors degree in something completely useless and specific.  So...every August for the past three years, I get sad.  I get sad that this other entity has a say over my wonderful perfect amazing child (totally unbiased opinion) and it puts me in a funk.  I get grumpy about having to get doctor's notes to prove I didn't just play hooky with MY OWN CHILD and sitting in the car line and trying to reassure my wonderful perfect amazing daughter that there is nothing wrong with her, but that kids (and grown-ups) can be jerks sometimes.  But...the point is that I am almost over my inevitable funk about my kids growing up and the fact that you can't protect them from every little thing, but you cannot stop me from trying and possibly giving myself an ulcer or a nervous breakdown in the process.  

I made another shaker card and this time I wanted to try one that was slightly more complicated and things were going swimmingly until I glued the clear cardstock to the wrong side and had to try and recreate the front of the card.  Then I stamped the sentiment completely crooked.  Right before I had a tantrum and totally gave up - I tried one more time it finally came together.  

Anywho...thanks for stopping by and I promise the majority of my posts will be more focused on crafts.  Maybe.  Probably.  For sure.   
Spellbinders Nestabilities - Standard Circles
Penny Black - Hedgie Friends
Papertrey Ink - Clear Cardstock & Sprinkles and Shakers Set

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